The U.S.  bishops’ pastoral letter –revised edition

International Catholic Stewardship Council, a key resource organization

diocese of Wichita : a great deal of material here

stewardship manual from the diocese of Charlotte NC- very practical and specific

archdiocese of Green Bay, bishop Morneau’s diocese. Visit in particular the link on stewardship committee guidelines and the section on theology of stewardship: a great place to start

archdiocese of Edmonton : link to bishop Collins’ letter : Well done good and faithful servant

archdiocese of Toronto: handbook and lot of material, good resource section

archdiocese of Vancouver

Annunciation of the Lord is a parish in the Ottawa archdiocese which is beginning the journey as a stewardship parish.

Their website is meant to inform their people about stewardship and to help other parishes who are considering the journey as well.

A lot of very helpful information available here on a website that is evolving.

 A great website to explore in depth especially on making an "attitude of gratitude" a way of life.

The word stewardship is rarely if ever mentioned, yet the outcomes are remarkably similar.

 Brother David Steindl-Rast is a spiritual guide very well worth knowing.